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Newbie to Ruby in 2 weeks! Kickstart your coding career - udemy coupon
Many fail to start a coding career because they don't know the basics. Kickstart your career with a twenty year veteran.

Plenty of individuals who try to switch to coding as a career don't make it. And you need to know the number one reason employers tell me? Its because they don't understand the basics.

Ruby is a fantastically powerful language used by startups and top companies like Airbnb and Twitter. And Unlike languages like Java, C# or Swift, it is comparatively simple to learn. But let me tell you: as somebody who has worked for years as a professional programmer and hired dozens of coders myself, understanding the basics is critical.

My Beginner to Ruby coursework if the first part of a series on becoming a professional programmer. It lays the foundations for web development using Ruby on Rails and will set you on a life changing career path. In the event you try to do Rails without knowing Ruby you will most likely fail.

Understanding Through Exercises & Drills

The coursework follows a simple pattern. I introduce an idea, give you an exercise and then go through the exercise in detail so that you can solidify your understanding. I also have dozens of additional drills with solutions to help you hone your skills.

Complete in two weeks

The coursework is broken up in to 12 sections and you ought to be able to get through one section per evening if you are doing this part time. So all up you'll need about two weeks.

The Coursework will Cover:
  1. Methods
  2. Predicates and Conditionals
  3. Looping
  4. Input and Output
  5. Objects and Classes
  6. Arrays, Hashes and other Information Structures
  7. Math and far more
Get your coding career off to a flying start with my Beginner to Ruby coursework.

There has seldom been a better time to switch your career!

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