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Periscope Marketing 101 - udemy course
Learn How To Leverage The Power Of Periscope Live Streaming To Grow Your Business & Brand!

The most comprehensive 'ground level-up' promotion for Periscope coursework available online. Generate immense amounts of untapped (free) traffic, leads and sales for your online sites, products and services with a simple tap of your smartphone's screen.

In this coursework you'll learn:

  1. Why Periscope Live Video Broadcasting is the best source of free, targeted, worldwide web traffic today
  2. How to basically setup, install & navigate the Periscope app (both iOS and Android)
  3. The way you can build your following with the ideal profile
  4. How to increase your response rates by using Periscope inbuilt notification method getting more viewers each time you broadcast
  5. How to make the most of your "make or break" preliminary scope (doing this right will build the best foundation for large follower growth)
  6. The four important keys to crafting a compelling, audience grabbing title
  7. The 9 types of broadcasts you can use to hone your message and get the ideal response
  8. Exactly WHEN you ought to be broadcasting for maximum response
  9. How to turn negative/nasty broadcasts in to something your viewers will keep watching & come back for more
  10. Discover the best time (and ways) to ask for hearts, followers & shares
  11. Learn how to properly interact and engage with comments
  12. Crafting & deploying your elevator pitch multiple times in your scope
  13. How to block the 'trolls'

This coursework is specifically targeted for online entrepreneurs, web-site owners, bloggers, artists, coaches and public figures to maximize your web promotion using the Periscope platform.

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