Configure Your Camera for Fantastic Photos - udemy course coupon

Configure Your Camera for Fantastic Photos - udemy course coupon
Quick start guide to the best settings for your compact or DSLR camera so that you get great results as soon as feasible

This coursework is designed for new photographers, or those who have a new camera (both compact & DSLR).

You may be overwhelmed by all the buttons & menus, so this coursework will quickly show you which are the most important settings, & which you can forget about.

By configuring your camera to give you the best feasible quality, you'll then be able to concentrate on the more creative aspects of photography.

You'll finish this coursework with a clear understanding of basic photography principles, & know which settings on your camera require to be 'tweaked' to get the results you require, even when using the 'automatic' modes.

The main areas covered by this coursework are:

  1. How does a camera work
  2. ISO sensitivity
  3. Lenses
  4. Memory cards
  5. JPEG file size & quality
  6. Digital zooms
  7. Picture stabilisation
  8. The factors that affect exposure
  9. How to make use of exposure compensation
  10. The rules of composition
  11. Getting your subject in focus
  12. Downloading pics to your computer
  13. Storing & indexing your pics
  14. Picture editing
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