Social Media for Special Events - udemy course

Social Media for Special Events - udemy course
Essential Tips & Tricks for Using Social Media to Increase Exhibitor ROI. Taught by Best-Selling Author Eric Schwartzman

Social media for trade shows includes everything you need to know to increase the effectiveness of your next trade show investment.

Exhibiting at trade shows is the single costliest lead generation channel. Learn how to make use of social media to build advance anticipation before you arrive, generate more business onsite & extend the excitement after the carpets are rolled & the booth is packed up.

Taught by Eric Schwartzman, who has led trade show promotion efforts for some of the world's largest brands at the most competitive trade shows, this coursework is packed filled with simple to execute actionalble insights. Get this coursework for all of your booth staff & start scaling social media engagement at your next trade show or conference.

This comprehensive coursework covers social media event promotion by sites, e-mail, search engine optimization, blogs, Foursquare, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, SlideShare & Mobile Apps.

You'll also get case studies & extensive supplemental resources to get your trade show team up to speed on integrating social media in to your next trade show exhibitor promotion work.

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