ExpressJS Fundamentals - udemy #ExpressJS FREE Course

ExpressJS Fundamentals - udemy ExpressJS course
A Beginner's Guide to Building RESTful Web Applications with Node and Express

Learn the most important parts of working with ExpressJS.

This work will include topics on:

What Express is and why they would need to make use of it as our server-side framework.
How to up a Server
What is included in the Express scaffold.
What Middleware means and how to make use of it.
How to set up and use different Templating for our view.
How to configure and use Routing in our express apps.
Students ought to already have NodeJS installed and a basic understanding of the CommonJS module pattern.

You ought to take this work if your interested on how to set up and use Express in generating RESTful API's for use in any kind of application.

Node and Express go hand in hand. The ability to make use of this programming paradigm on any kind of web or mobile application makes this skillset brilliantly valuable.

And the advantage of having the ability to build Full Stack applications based on language (JavaScript) is becoming more appealing every day. This is true for start-ups that put a giant emphasis on being able to repeat early and often.
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