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Improve English by Movies - udemy course
Improve your English listening and speaking experience by watching and listening movies

Lets return to our childhood and think about primary school for a moment.

I am speaking about the time when they were six or seven years elderly.

The query here is,

What was the first thing they taught us at primary school? First thing they taught us was Writing and Reading, right?

Why it wasn't Listening and Speaking? Of coursework, listening and speaking were the core abilities that they were accepted to a primary school.

And all of us know that none of us teach our kids how to pronounce vowels, consonants and words like the lessons they get in a language learning school?

But how did they learn to speak and to understand what they listen to when they were a child?

In my view, of the reason is that they listen to words plenty of times.

When they listen to the sound of a word plenty of times, they will have sound knowledge in our memory and then our brain will send the right command to our speaking organs how to produce that sound. Make sense?

Did you think about this, sometimes they pronounce a word wrong and anyone else tells us the correct spelling, possibly they can't pronounce that word correctly after hearing it one time, but in most cases they will be able to pronounce that word correctly after 3-5 times they listen to that word, and they are doing this by hearing.

Sometimes they feel the necessity of a tiny little bit of time, after the full pronunciation of a word, to clearly identify that word. Why this happens is that, our brain trying to match the sound they heard with an existing sound knowledge in our memory. But they did not put that sound knowledge in our memory. In most cases they will expect the pronunciation of a word, like they saw that word on a paper.

In this coursework they are going to make use of some digital tools to improve our listening experience and because of listening they are also going to improve our speaking skills.

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