Mac Basics - Learn ins-and-outs of your Mac - udemy course coupon

Mac Basics - Learn  ins-and-outs of your Mac - udemy course coupon
A simple step-by-step guide taught by an simple going Apple professional, who explains the ins-and-outs of your Mac.

This work is for those who are new to Apple computers. Whether you are transitioning from Windows, or you have bought a Mac for the first time, this work is built solely for you, the new Mac user. The only item necessary for this work is an Apple computer with at least Mountain Lion (OS X ten.8 ) installed on it.

In short, this work will be like sitting down with a mate who gently guides and teaches you everything you need to know about your Mac. In fact, as a former AppleCare Senior Advisor I have heard and seen plenty of different types of issues, so this work won't only be simple to take but it will answer plenty of of the questions I encountered at Apple and plenty of, if not all, the questions you have.

Side note: This work has over four.5 hours of content (you don't must do it sitting) and doesn't provide popcorn. So, in the event you plan to binge this work, grab your favourite snack and beverage, and prepare for some excitement. Also, I will continue to add more videos, so expect those four.5 hours to increase.

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