Viral Copywriting: How to Create Sticky Content & Go Viral - udemy $7 coupon

Viral Copywriting: How to Create Sticky Content & Go Viral - udemy coupon
Learn how to Turn Your Ideas In to Sticky, Viral, Contagious Copy that Sells using the latest Viral Marketing Techniques.

Communication Complex Ideas & Getting People to Take ACTION Can Be Very Difficult! Have you ever:

Explained your idea over one time?
Had a hard time getting someone's attention or keeping it?
Tried to persuade others of your idea but had a hard time getting them to agree?
Felt that people often didn't understand or keep in mind your ideas?
Issues getting people to care?
Noticed that even when your idea is liked, no is taking action?

Weather you are a CEO, a Marketer or a Stay at Home Mom you have Ideas you need to share:

Selling your Boss on a Great New Idea,
Making a Viral Marketing Campaign
Trying to put in definite values in your children
Transforming the way people think can be HARD!

The Nice News is There is a Specific Way to Craft a Great Idea in to a Story which Inherently Pulls the audience, Takes them on a Journey & Gets them to Act!

This is why you watch all of those Facebook Videos, cannot help but to click on the Latest BuzzFeed Editorial & spend countless hours (most of us anyway) being Entertained.

Psychologically, they can not Resist Great Content.... & the Nice News is that Sticky Content can be Manufactured.. & it can be Created by YOU

I did plenty of Research, A/B check & Growth Hacking & all of it pointed to five key ingredients:

Great Ideas Tell Tales that are Simple & to the Core Quickly
Great Ideas Sometimes they are so Tangible that you could touch them
Great Ideas They Make us Feel Something & Care
Great Ideas Their message is often surprising
Great Ideas & naturally they are credible
When done right, great ideas lead us to our own personal Aha Moment a Wow Experience'

In this work I will show exactly how to:

Turn your Ideas in to a Sticky Tales
Viral Marketing: Generate Viral Content that is Psychologically Irresistible
Let Sticky Tales Lead to an Aha Moments & Wow Experiences
They are going to go over the Research & plenty of Case Studies & you will learn how to make use of the five Servant Ingredients to craft a sticky story

These techniques are often used by companies like Apple, Facebook, Google, who know exactly how to do this.

Viral Marketing is the next way of marketing. It is no longer about hacking SEO or other systems. It is now all about hacking the human psyche.

Right Now there is a Tremendous Opportunity in Generating Sticky, Psychology Irresistible Content.

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