Code Your First Game: Arcade Classic in JavaScript on Canvas - udemy course free

Program a complete game today. No special application or install necessary. All you require is a text editor and a web browser.

At the finish of this short coursework you'll have programmed your first game. You'll learn gameplay development fundamentals by doing it writing and running actual code by yourself machine.

Each step of the coursework has the source code attached exactly as it ought to look at that time (click "View Resources" then "Downloadable Resources"), for you to compare to or pick up from, so you cannot get stuck!

Start Your Game Programming Journey the Proven Way

"Make the simplest game feasible." "Program a ball and paddle project." "Practice by first remaking something from the 1970's." All beginning developers listen to this advice from more experienced peers... because it works!

By following this approach you will:

Learn design from a fun classic that people know and enjoy.
Start your practice today now! without waiting for an idea.
Finish your game in hours or in a weekend, not over months.
Understand every line of code used in the whole program.
Avoid distraction from looking for or generating detailed art.
Master fundamentals needed to make your own games better.
You can program this game with a standard text editor, and run it in the world wide web browser you already have. No special application is necessary.

Though you'll be coding in JavaScript for HTML5 canvas in this coursework, the focus is on common game programming ideas. You can later apply these same patterns to get speedy leads to other programming languages such as C#, Java, ActionScript three, C++, or Python.

I am a private game development trainer, and for clients new to gameplay programming this is exactly the material that I cover to get them started quickly. Within hours you will have completed programming your first project. This is the quickest way to get results. The momentum gained from doing this provides a solid foundation to give more advanced ideas meaning and context as you continue on in your journey of learning game development.
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