Food, Food and More Food: 7 Steps to Raise Your Food IQ - udemy course

Food, Food and More Food: 7 Steps to Raise Your Food IQ - udemy course
Learn the principles of food in seven simple steps that will let you appreciate the essence of food to its fullest.

Learn the steps and principles that will help you to understand and appreciate food on a higher level! Don't waste any more time not enjoying food to it is fullest! Enroll Now! Work Creation - February 23, 2016

Understand the Seven Simple Steps Needed to Improve Your Food IQ and Enjoy Your Favourite Foods to their Fullest.

Learn the best way to prepare hamburgers
Learn what kinds of sauces go best with each shape of pasta
Learn how to find the lovely chocolate
Learn the importance of seasoning
Understand various areas of restaurant etiquette

Course Content and Overview:

This food work is unique, because in it, you'll learn the best way to prepare definite types of food. Whether you are food IQ is sprouting or you are a seasoned, mature foodie, you'll gain a knowledge of how to get the best out of your favourite food and how to increase your food enjoyment.

You'll start off by learning about a great American classic - The Hamburger! You'll get the low down on what it is that makes a great burger. You'll also gain a firm awareness of how to make your burger taste better.

Next, you'll learn about pasta. You'll understand the difference between pasta that has been cooked correctly and pasta that has not. You are food IQ will start to expand as you explore multiple combinations of sauces and pasta shapes!

Then we'll examine the different seasoning mistakes that are made and how to correct them. We'll speak about chocolate, cakes, fruit and so on! This work will take you to a realm you seldom dreamed of!

By the Finish of the Work You Will Be Able To:

understand the basics of a great hamburger
understand the ins and outs of pasta and pasta sauces
find and enjoy amazing chocolate and stay away from the imposters
season your food to perfection
know what to do in definite situations in restaurants and food businesses

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