Geographic Information System for Beginners - Udemy Coupon 100% Off

Geographic Information System for Beginners - Udemy Coupon
Learn the essential ideas of GIS with example knowledge from NASA & Google Earth.

INTRODUCTION TO GIS FOR BEGINNERS: Learn both the theoretical knowledge & practical skills of the latest GIS technologies with simple to follow video lectures & laboratory exercises.

This coursework provides an introduction to GIS, sources of GIS knowledge, GIS knowledge structure & and hands-on practical exercises to processing, downloading, & visualizing massive volume of geospatial knowledge in Google Earth Engine platform. Specifically they will cover:

Introduction to GIS
GIS knowledge structure
Sources of GIS knowledge
Earth observation knowledge
GIS knowledge access
No prior experience necessary. All are tailored such that anyone can follow them basically.

To date the ability to have skills in GIS technologies is key to various decision makings. This coursework will provide you the necessary skills on how to manipulate & utilize a GIS knowledge for your own purpose.

In my coursework, I will give you the tools & skills through a step-by-step lecture & lab exercises. You will understand the basics of GIS & gain skills on manipulating earth observation knowledge. Students will learn the different ideas in a GIS including sources of GIS knowledge, GIS knowledge structure, functions of a GIS & applications to GIS. Example earth observation satellite knowledge will be used through out the coursework.

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