PowerPoint Design: Make Great Slideshows in PowerPoint - Udemy Coupon

PowerPoint Design: Make Great Slideshows in PowerPoint - Udemy $2 Coupon Code
PowerPoint Slideshow Design: Learn how to make a slideshow in PowerPoint, iMovie, & with online slideshow makers.

Require to make a slideshow for kid's end-of-the-year sports banquet? birthday celebration? graduation ceremony? wedding?

Cease paying somebody else to put together a slideshow & learn for yourself! This is the ideal work for YOU, for somebody enthusiastic to make their own slideshows. Phil (the instructor) has been asked to make slideshows for his whole life & now wishes to teach you exactly how they does it.

Mac & PC friendly. All you require is a version of PowerPoint. If using a Mac, you can learn in iMovie as well. In case you don't have either, you can learn how to make slideshows online from any computer, any where. Follow along at an simple pace. Here's what you'll learn:

  1. PowerPoint & iMovie Overview
  2. Beginning a Project
  3. Adding Photographs
  4. Adding Text
  5. Adding Music
  6. Adding Shapes & Changing the Background
  7. Animating Your Layers
  8. Exporting as a Film
  9. Playing Your Slideshow as a Continuous Loop
  10. Uploading Online
  11. Generating Slideshows with Online Slideshow Makers
  12. & SO MUCH MORE!

watch the video about for more information & to meet the instructor. Don't hesitate to let me know in case you have any questions. I am here to help!

Thank you for checking out this work & I'll see you inside!

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