Setup OS X development environments - Udemy Free Course

Setup OS X development environments - Udemy Free Course
This coursework covers the simplest way to setup multiple surroundings stacks. Such as Java, Ruby, DB's and more

Beginning a brand spanking new job can be difficult, when you are new to the tech industry.
This coursework is aimed to help people on their first day, get everything setup quickly, and have a simple checklist of the necessary tools.

Start your new job with confidence

Imagine you are sitting at your table, your new manager and the tech department hands you your new computer, thrilling right?

Usually these computers are bare bones, they might have Microsoft office installed, but no technical applications. You'll need to setup Java, Ruby, GIT, and so lots of other applications.

Benefits of this coursework

This coursework will guide you through the installation of advanced tech applications. We'll quickly install the whole development surroundings in under an hour.

Imagine that you are handed the computer, and within hour your all setup and prepared to start coding, or start testing.

Your boss will be very impressed, you'll look like you know exactly what you are doing!

Course Contents and Overview

This coursework contains over twenty lectures and 30 minutes of content. It is designed for somebody, but for beginners.

In this coursework, you will learn how to make use of Home Brew, Terminal commands, and how to correctly install OS X applications.

You'll learn using hands on experience, each video is only a few seconds, to a couple of minutes long.

And, finally, you'll learn what it feels like to look wonderful on your first day at a brand spanking new job.

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