The 7-Day Brazilian Butt Plan - Udemy Course

The 7-Day Brazilian Butt Plan - Udemy Course
Turn those "pancakes" in to "peaches" as you sculpt the bikini booty of your dreams.

How fabulous would it be to...

- Slip in to clothes that lightly kisses your curves.

- Know that you look hot no matter how much (or how small) that you have on.

- & proudly look at your attractive body in the mirror - knowing that you earned your Bombshell curves rep by Bootylicious rep.

Are you prepared for having Attractive Butt?

Are you prepared to sculpt a Brazilian bikini booty in the simplest & craziest of ways?

Welcome to Bootylicious Bombshells. You are already it is about taking it to the "Bombshell" level & adding some oh so sexy "curve appeal."

In this bootylicious coursework you will find...

Simple, short exercise routines that are deliciously painful & can be performed in the comfort of your own. (This is where the "crazy" comes in to play - the routines are simple but are designed to whip you in to the sexiest shape feasible).

You will also find,

Inspirational "girl chats" (think Sex & the City meets Fitness) where girlfriend to girlfriend I share a quantity of my most embarrassing moments to inspire all of us to reach higher & unleash our inner Bombshells.

& always keep in mind...

The actual you is sexy. Now it is time to make this sexy you even more bootylicious.

This hot & steamy 7-day workout plan is where all the Bombshells come to play.

I cannot wait to meet you!



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