Programming for Entrepreneurs - HTML & CSS - udemy Free course

Programming for Entrepreneurs - HTML & CSS Free course
Is it accurate to say that you are an Entrepreneur with zero Coding knowledge? - Learn the nuts and bolts of Web Development with this fledglings course! 

As a business visionary have you encountered any of the accompanying manifestations?

Spending an excess of cash in development and you don't comprehend what the developer is discussing.

Each time you require something altered in your site (like including another connection or changing a picture) you have to hold up weeks and spend a great deal of cash to complete it.

You can't push ahead with your business thought since you don't have a specialized prime supporter and you don't know how to code.

On the off chance that the answer is yes given me a chance to say that you are not the only one. I work with numerous business visionaries and I hear these grumblings each and every week. The reasons for this issue as:

All organizations, regardless of their size and industry, need development. From a basic site that shows who they are and what they do, to more mind boggling arrangements, for example, portable applications and data frameworks.

Developer as costly and rare. Be that as it may, you likely know this as of now :)

They say Programming is the new Math as it is a fundamental ability to get around these days and in progress that is coming to fruition, however you weren't taught how to program at school.

At ZENVA, we've chosen to handle this issue and present to you an answer by making our Programming for Entrepreneurs course arrangement, expected to give business visionaries the fundamental programming aptitudes and information so they have higher odds of progress with their business thoughts.

In Programming for Entrepreneurs/HTML and CSS you'll learn fundamental web development ideas and aptitudes that will permit you to build basic sites, change existing sites and make intelligent models of your business thought so you can utilize it as a specialized apparatus with your developer, clients and speculators.

In this course, much the same as in all courses by ZENVA, we'll take after a venture based methodology. All through the course you'll be building a "Metro style" landing page that looks extraordinary in a desktop PC and in a cell telephone.

What we cover in Programming for Entrepreneurs - HTML & CSS course: 

Advantages of learning the nuts and bolts of web development for a business person.
Fundamental web development ideas you have to know.
HTML from the earliest starting point. We'll experience the most critical labels.
Making titles, passages, compartments, records.
Including connections and pictures.
Frames in HTML, including HTML5 semantic info fields
Structure of a HTML report.
CSS - What is it and how to incorporate it in your site?
Selecting components with CSS.
The Box Model.
Making a tile-based Metro style page.
Utilizing drifting components to make responsive pages.
Styling of records, textual styles, tables.

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