Ultimate Computer Security Course Bundle - 07 Courses - Discount 95% Off

Ultimate Computer Security Bundle discount

95% Off - Ultimate Computer Security Bundle - $693 $29 only

Gain Certifications in CISSP, Encryption, Pentesting, Ethical Hacking & More In This 7 Course, 39 Hour Bundle

Security is everything in this arranged universe of PCs and cell phones. Professional workplaces have as much, if not more, of a personal stake in their PC security than people, and will pay a premium for skilled individuals who can secure their frameworks. This 7-course package will give you a far reaching foundation - and affirmations - in IT security, moral hacking, Voice over IP security, information security, and the sky is the limit from there. Before sufficiently long, you'll be completely guaranteed and prepared to enter the PC security work market with a complete arms stockpile.

Section 1: CISSP Certification Training Program (6 Hours)

Gain the globally perceived CISSP security confirmation for data security experts

Pick up a vocation refinement w/improved validity and attractiveness

Section 2: VoIP Hacking and Penetration Testing Training (6 Hours)

Pick up the information and aptitudes to make, secure and screen a Voice over IP (VoIP)

Learn to utilize Metasplot, Nmap, Viproy, Nessus, Hping and different tools

Section 3: The Bible of Hacking (6 Hours)

Learn the basics of Ethical Hacking from an expert and turn into an affirmed programmer

Section 4: Document Hashing and Secure Password Hashing Using the JCA (4 Hours)

Utilize the Java Cryptography Architecture to actualize archive hashing and secure secret word hashing into Java applications

Learn how to utilize salt and emphasis mean secure secret word hashing under PBKDF2 from PKCS#5 security norms

Section 5: Become a Master of the Applied Encryption and Its Terminology (4 Hours)

Investigate the regular wording and specialized foundation of encryption advances

Section 6: Understand TCP For Computer Networks (3 Hours)

Comprehend the procedures and capacities by which information is exchanged

Learn how TCP execution is affected and how to amend normal issues w/TCP associations

Section 7: Advanced Mobile Application Penetration Testing (10 Hours)

Rehearse hands-on activities designed to hack portable applications in a legitimate situation

Learn how to evaluate a portable application's security and increase a significant, employable aptitude

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