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A brief, yet careful, prologue to the most recent cutting edge rage called Virtual Reality.

Confounded about so much discussion about Virtual Reality? Such a large number of various names, such a variety of various initials: VR, AR, MR, DR, 360, 3D, Holograms, Volumetric, Stereoscopic, Virtual Worlds and Virtual Environments. It's sufficient to make your head turn. Aren't they every simply Game in any case? (Turns out they're definitely not!)

This Virtual Reality: A Quick Introduction course will get you up to speed on all things Virtual. We'll answer these inquiries and then some: What precisely is Virtual Reality?

What are individuals doing in there, at any rate?

Why all the buildup?

What's on the most fundamental level of everything?

What do you have to view it?

What's the contrast between VR, AR, MR, 360, Holographics and the sky is the limit from there?

Is it safe?

What's coming next?


Alongside clear clarifications, we take you in-world and let you see cases for yourself. This course covers an extensive variety of Virtual Environments with an emphasis on the absolute minimum you have to know so you'll be prepared for the following huge cutting edge wave.

In addition we've appended free assets with connections to all things VR.

There's going to be an insurgency! What's more, it's a Virtual one at that! Come venture out into another world!

Before the end of this Virtual Reality: A Quick Introduction course...

You will have an expansive comprehension of what Virtual Reality is about. What's more, a more profound comprehension of the distinctive sorts of Virtual Environments.

You'll comprehend the most recent news and have the capacity to bear on a discussion about the business.

You'll sound cool and be aware of present circumstances!

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