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Learn the building squares of present day Network design

This Networking Concepts for Beginners course is designed for any individual who needs a comprehension of systems administration advances. Have you ever pondered what goes ahead in the background when you transfer a post via web-based networking media, send an email or have a skype call? This course is designed to give an outline of the systems administration ideas that make the web run.

Learn the building squares of cutting edge organize design.

This Networking Concepts for Beginners course will go over the accompanying Networking Concept

LANs - (LAN Protocols, Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gig Ethernet, WIFI, FDDI, ATM LANE)

Arrange Topologies - Types of Networks Topologies, Bus Topology, Star Topology, Ring Topology, Mesh Topology, Tree Topology, Hybrid Topology

WANs - WAN Protocols, X.25, Frame Relay, ISDN, DSL, Networks Devices, Hubs, Switches, Routers, and Network Interface Cards.

Ideas of IP - Packets and Addresses, IP benefit Port, (IP) Internet Protocol, IPv4 - Address Classes, Class "An" Address, Class "B" Address, Class "C" Address, Class "D" Address, Class "E" Address, TCP (Transmission Control Protocol), Three most regular TCP/IP conventions, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP (File Transfer Protocol), UDP (User Datagram Protocol), ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol), and DNS (Domain Name System).

TCP Dump, IP Behavior - TCP DUMP, Recognizing and Understanding, Recognizing and Understanding, The contrast amongst IPv4 and IPv6, IPv4 Addresses Classes and Reserved Ranges, UDP Behavior, UDP and TCP, ICMP Behavior, and ICMP Doesn't Have Ports.

Switches, Routing Protocols - Router, Broadband Router, Wireless Router, Core Router, Routing, Static Routing, Dynamic Routing, Routing Protocol, Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (IGRP), Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP), and Access Control Protocols.

Physical Security - Objectives of Physical Security, Physical Security Threats, Physical Security Controls, Physical Security Measures: Locks, Biometrics, Fire Prevention, and HVAC Considerations.

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