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Adobe After Effects - Color Correction & Color Grading
Learn Color Correction and Color Grading with the Adobe After Effects - The Ultimate Begginer to Intermediate course!

Learn the fundamental Adobe After Effects tools that will help you to comprehend the shading rectification and shading evaluating preccesses.

Utilize the Adobe After Effects to Create Cinematic Looks Without Extra Plug-ins!

· Adjusting shadows, mid tones and highlights utilizing Shadow/Highlight

· Add differentiate and shading utilizing Curves

· Create vignette and letterbox

· Fix the introduction

· Fix the white adjust

· How to spare presets

· How to trade your last footage with the best quality

· Set the underlying dark and white utilizing Tint

· Analyze picture

· Create film looks

· Get understanding on shading revision and shading evaluating

· Learn the initial steps before you turn into a professional colorist

The Ultimate Guide to Make Your First Steps as a Colorist!

Shading Correction and Color Grading is the way toward settling and adapting a picture so as to make enthusiastic correspondence with the viewer. Each shot requires some restorative activities and from this procedure stems the expression "shading revision". Shading reviewing is the auxiliary procedure that incorporates the adapting part with shading channels and some film impacts.

Shading redress and evaluating is an occupation of a colorist who is capable of the last look of the film or video. This course sets you up for the initial steps as a colorist and shows you the fundamental tools of shading redress and shading reviewing with a capable programming: the Adobe After Effects. For all intents and purposes the vast majority of these tools are same for the enormous piece of altering virtual products, however After Effects, as an expert programming, is the best to begin and comprehend these tools. Subsequent to completing this course you will have the capacity to apply for employments as a shading grader.

Adobe After Effects - Color Correction & Color Grading Substance and Overview

Reasonable for starting colorists, through this course of – lectures and – hours of substance, you'll learn the greater part of the Adobe After Effects basics in light of shading revision and evaluating tools and set up a solid comprehension of the idea driving shading remedy and shading reviewing. I'll show you 10 unique procedures of shading rectification and reviewing that frame 10 distinctive film looks. These 10 lectures will be the case of each shading amendment handle that you can use later on as a colorist. Additionally I give you a few activities that put your new learned aptitudes into handy utilize promptly.

Beginning with the establishment of the Adobe After Effects, you will be prepared to begin taking after this course. We will make distinctive sort of looks through different shading revision and reviewing systems utilizing dependably impacts of the AAE without additional modules. We will learn how to set the underlying highly contrasting with an impact called Tint. We'll learn how to settle the overexposed regions and the white adjust issues. We'll learn how to modifying shadows, mid tones and highlights utilizing the Shadow/Highlight impact. We'll learn how to include balance and shading with bends. We'll learn distinctive approaches to adapt our footage by including film impacts, for example, film grain, fractal commotion, scratches for old film looks ecc. Likewise we will make artistic environment by making letterbox and shape veils like vignette. Toward the end of this course there are 2 lectures that show you how to spare a preset and how to send out with the best quality(which incorporates an additional product that you get it you when you download the After Effects).

Understudies finishing the course will have the learning to make true to life looks and have the capacity to shading right and grade any footage.

I will be glad to help you through this course and show you the initial steps of shading remedy and shading evaluating with the Adobe After Effects!

Much obliged to you for perusing this!

See you in the course!

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