Big Data Internship Program - Data Processing - Hive and Pig - Udemy Course Free

Big Data Internship Program - Data Processing - Hive and Pig
Give larger amount dialect to encourage expansive information handling.

This course is a piece of "Huge information Internship Program" which is adjusted to a normal Big information project life cycle organize.






This course is centered around Data Processing in Big data.This course is reasonable for developers, information experts and business examiners. Involvement with SQL and scripting dialects is prescribed, yet is not required.

You will learn

Comprehension of Hive center idea and design.

The most effective method to make and control tables utilizing Hive.

Propelled elements of Hive.

Hive Best Practices

Performing constant, complex questions on datasets

Pig's Architecture

Perusing and Writing Data with Pig

Pig Best Practices

Project work -

Give Data in Hive and control the information for Our Book Recommendation project.

One Ad-on project - Data Masking with hive and sqoop

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