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Introduction to programming with Python with Live support
Learn Python programming from nuts and bolts up to think in programming with (Python web based training )

Welcome to my course "Prologue to programming with Python | for tenderfoots course" Python web based training | python programming | python programming for fledglings, My Name Is Hanif Marwat I am A python Instructor From More Than 2 Years. I generally feel to help programming understudies by case therefor I made this course with enormous and useful case of true. Besides I am urging and attempting to constrain understudies to hands-on with code which is the key of achievement in programming. In This Course I am giving undertakings of basic mini-computer, logical mini-computer, administration framework and reviewing framework which are sufficient to learn fledgling course. I am not attempting to make tired my understudies by giving huge amounts of lectures it's only 14 lectures which will be refreshed till to 20 greatest yet these 14 lectures incorporate every one of the essentials with a superior method for comprehension.

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I have included only 14 lectures and will be refresh till to 20 lectures the following lectures will be incorporate arrangements of projects which I am giving in this course. I would prefer not to make you held on for long lectures and rehashing ideas. I am telling here only for one time and after that I give a case with code which is sufficient for good understanding. As you most likely are aware this is tenderfoot course so I would prefer not to make you befuddled by telling in so profound that your cerebrum can't acknowledge.

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