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How to Save a Life - udemy coupon
What Will You Learn from this How to Save a Life course ?

- Recognize and respond to life-threatening situations, with skills including: CPR, choking maneuvers, bleeding control and more.
- Perform CPR
- Help a distressed patient
- Stop a life-threatening bleed
- Treat life threatening injuries

How to Save a Life Course Overview:

We designed this first aid course so that you can learn crucial skills like CPR without practicing them in class. You don’t need any prior knowledge to take this course.

We cover the most common life threatening emergencies, from the generic “there’s someone lying on the ground, is he unconscious?” to “that car hit a woman in the crosswalk, I think she’s still breathing!”

You will learn not only what to do in different types of emergencies, but also how to help different types of people. For example, you can’t do CPR on babies the same way you do on adults, the Heimlich manoeuvre is different for pregnant women, and not everyone can be saved from a heart attack using aspirin.

Some bonus content with this course:
Info on the leading causes of death in the world – heart attacks and strokes – why they happen, how you can recognize them, and what you should do when they happen.
Important guideline you should follow in case of a fire, as well as tips on how you can prevent the fire altogether.
Finally, we’ve boiled everything down to the exact steps you need to remember for each emergency situation, and put them all in the downloadable Study Manual for you to keep and refer back to whenever you want or need to. Now you’re ready to roll.

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