Visual Studio 2017 New Features Walkthrough - Udemy Coupon 100% Off

Visual Studio 2017 New Features Walkthrough Coupon
Visual Studio 2017 come at the age where Web and Mobile Apps are growing faster than ever. Visual Studio 2017 which becomes now 20 years old (yay!) has been packed with a lot of features and enhancements that make your work much easier and better to work with. Visual studio has a much better setup interface that allows you to select the different targets of development like mobile, web, database, and other types.

Also, major performance enhancements has been introduced in visual studio 2017 such as faster loading time, Lightweight solution loading.

Code refactoring and enhancing also is enabled in visual studio. You can now make sure that your code in Visual Studio 2017 are following the correct guide lines and principles that is followed when you develop applications.
And, my favorite feature so far is the JavaScript and TypeScript debugging inside visual studio 2017. This feature is great and any web developer is so happy to have it and use it!

And also, solution explorer has seen some improvements and ability to search more in files content event though it's not included in the project. And now you can see the folder view of the solution without any trouble or problem.
Debugging process seen some improvements in term of faster debugging and also the ability to provide settings inside the exception helper.

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