Big Data Power Tools Bundle Discount - 91% Off

Big Data Power Tools Bundle Discount
Crunch Numbers & Visualize Data Like a Pro with 39+ Hours of Training In Some of Today's Best Data Analysis Tools

1. Connect the Dots: Linear and Logistic Regression in Excel, Python and R
Build Robust Linear Models in Excel, R, & Python

2. Connect the Dots: Factor Analysis in Excel, Python and R
Learn Factor Extraction Using PCA in Excel, R, & Python

3. Number-Crunching in R
A Gentle Yet Thorough Introduction to Data Manipulation In R

4. Advanced Analytical Queries in Hive
Explore Advanced Queries Like Partitioning, Bucketing, UDFs, Windowing, & More

5. Learn By Example: Qlikview
Discover This All-Around Toolkit to Work with Data

6. Learn By Example: Apache Storm
Explore 25 Solved Examples on Real-Time Stream Processing

7. Learn By Example: Scala
Master This Highly Scalable General-Purpose Language with 65 Examples

8. Scalable Programming with Scala and Spark
Get Rich Using Scala & Spark for Data Analysis, Machine Learning & Analytics

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