YouTube Advertising A-Z: YouTube Video Ads Explained - udemy course 100% Off

You'll learn all about advertising on YouTube and why it can be beneficial for your business.
We'll also compare YouTube Ads to other popular advertising methods and uncover some myths about video advertising.
You'll learn how to bypass these myths and turn your videos into YouTube profits.
You'll learn how to create high quality converting videos in YouTube.
You'll learn how to properly introduce yourself and use testimonials to support your claims.
We'll also walk you through how to properly set up your video content to get results.
We'll show you how to get the highest leverage from your videos.
You'll learn how to use a special YouTube Ads feature to get highly target traffic.
You'll also learn why combining this feature with Google Adwords for video is the recipe for success in video advertising.
We'll also walk you through creating your first YouTube Ads campaign and how to optimize your ad for peak performance.

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