Games and Simulations: The Scratch Masterclass - Udemy course 100% Off

Games and Simulations: The Scratch Masterclass - Udemy course
Learn how to navigate the Cartesian plane of the Scratch Stage
How to draw shapes and patterns
Create variables and formula solvers
Create a visual representation of the Pythagoras theorem which both draws the triangle and then calculates the length of the missing side
Use changing variable and pen functionality to plot various equations and find out where they intersect
Create a mouse following dynamic which has their Sprite moving by chasing the mouse
Use random numbers, timers and costume changes to create a reflex training game
Use random numbers and several variables to create a game where they guess a number
The game also keeps long term statistics and lets players know if they are really lucky (or potentially psychic)
Create a marksmanship game with moving targets, custom drawn pellets and winning animations
Create a game that is similar to the Angry Birds type game which uses Newton’s laws of motion to toss projectiles around with a catapult
Use Scratch to simulate the environment of outer space where objects float around freely until they collide. This program in action is reminiscent of footage of Astronauts floating in ‘zero gravity’
Students make use of the unique cloning function in Scratch to make dozens of copies of the Scratch Sprite which can be used for animations or a weapon for our ‘zero gravity’ spaceship
Use the very advanced custom blocks which combine cloning and pen functionality to design fireworks

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