Digital Marketing Guru with Basic Programming Course Bundle Discount - 4 courses - 98% Off

Digital Marketing Guru with Basic Programming Course Bundle Discount - 4 courses

Make A Splash In Digital Marketing with This 4-Course Bundle

Course Title 1 : Basic Programming For Marketers
Supercharge Your Digital Marketing Skills to Take Advantage of a New Wave of Advertising
- Approximately 4 hours of course content 24/7
- Learn how web tech works so you can discuss it more intelligently w/ developers
- Understand how apps, software, & programs are built
- Access common programming languages like Python & learn how to script w/ it
- Add new libraries & functionality to your system
- Share & download code using Git & Github

Course Title 2 : Introduction to Data Science
Learn Data Crunching Essentials & Climb Up the Career Ladder
- Access 14 interactive units 24/7
- Use analytical skills to manipulate data
- Develop business acumen & project your findings to the real world
- Master statistics to separate vital signals from irrelevant noise
- Learn how to use analytical toolkits like Microsoft Excel & the R programming language

Course Title 3 : Introduction to Web Development
Discover the Core Languages of Web Development: HTML & CSS
- Approximately 6 hours of course content 24/7
- Learn the different elements of a website & how to access them
- Understand the proper semantic structure of HTML
- Discover HTML tags, lists, & how to embed media
- Explore the various properties of CSS to better display your HTML
- Master the box model of CSS

Course Title 4 : Effective Copywriting Principles
Build Your Brand More Effectively by Mastering the Art of Copywriting
- Access 10 extensive units with exercises designed to hone your skills
- Identify headlines & analyze copy criteria
- Understand how to write the copy body & the sales process
- Learn how to deliver effective copy through video, text & resources
- Explore the history & psychology of writing copy

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