The Android O & Java Developer Mastery Course Discount Coupon 92% Off

Android O Is Here! Learn It, Java, & IntelliJ IDEA From Scratch Now!

The newest Android OS release, Android Oreo, is available for developers, so there's no time like the present to learn the powerful new capabilities to this operating system as you learn how to build apps for Android. Even if you know absolutely nothing about coding, this course will introduce you to Java, the Android Studio, IntellJ IDEA, and other key concepts of creating apps for Android. Beyond that, you'll learn by actually doing as you develop clones of popular apps that you can use as source code for your own ideas going forward.

Total 214 lectures & 31.5 hours of content 24/7
Learn Android app development & Java programming
Create engaging, real-world Android apps, like clones of Flappy Bird, calculator, YouTube, & more
Work w/ APIs, web services, & advanced databases
Explore IntelliJ IDEA & Android Studio & build user interfaces in both
Understand Android building blocks

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