Supercharged Science for Kids Discount Coupon 98% Off

Supercharged Science for Kids Discount Coupon

Make Science Fun, Interesting, & Engaging with This Experiment-Driven Bundle

A typical school science curriculum just can't begin to cover all the wonders of the scientific world, but this massive online course can help close the gaps! Getting your kids interested in science and technology is a breeze with this extensive dive into physics, chemistry, astronomy, and more, all led by a real rocket scientist. Heck, you might just find yourself going through the courses, too.

Access over 500 step-by-step videos & 300 experiments 24/7
Learn about force, friction & gravity through Newton's three Laws of Motion
Discover velocity & acceleration by learning about roller coasters, balloon race cars, & more
Explore the building blocks of matter by growing geodes, farm crystals & creating sand
Build simple machines to life, pull & hoist
Investigate energy through building indoor bobsleds, pneumatic cannons, & more
Study vibrations & resonance through building buzzing harmonicas, air horns, & more
Explore chemical reactions & kinetics, & study stars, planets, moons, asteroids, & more

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