Coding For Dummies eBook ($16 Value) FREE For a Limited Time - 100% Off

Coding For Dummies eBook ($16 Value) FREE For a Limited Time

These hands-on Free Coding exercises at this eBook will help you learn to code like a pro.

No coding experience is required for Coding For Dummies, your one-stop guide to building a foundation of knowledge in writing computer code for web, application, and software development. Using foundational web development languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, it explains in plain English how coding works and why it's needed.

Online exercises developed by Codecademy provide an environment where you can try out tutorials built into the text and see the actual output from your coding. You'll also gain access to end-of-chapter challenges to apply newly acquired skills to a less-defined assignment.

This Free Coding eBook includes:

The current demand for workers with coding and computer science skills far exceeds the supply
The foundations of web development languages in an easy-to-understand format
Unprecedented opportunities to practice basic coding languages
Readers can access online hands-on exercises and end-of-chapter assessments that develop and test their new-found skills

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