Software Leadership - PM101 - Become a Product Manager - 50% Off Online Course

Software Leadership - PM101 - Become a Product Manager

Become a Software Product Manager with Software Leadership Online Course - PM101 with 50% Off | Learn from the industry experts | You will get access to 30+ video tutorial sessions, sample documents and other vital Project Management resources.

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Working as a Product Manager in tech, leading a software development initiative, and innovating new products require a solid grasp of key business, technical, design and leadership skills. Increasingly entrepreneurs are turning to software to create breakthrough experiences and businesses are looking to differentiate their offerings with new services, apps, APIs and integrations. This course is designed to help you rapidly obtain a big picture understanding of software leadership, not just managing projects but directing and guiding strategic decisions, determining requirements, designing experiences and leading a team. You will learn the fundamental vocabulary and specific skills that can propel your career as a software leader.

Software Leadership Course - PM101 | From Product Tech Academy

What is a Product Manager's role in the software development lifecycle? How do Product Managers communicate requirements? How do they reduce ambiguity, frame the problem landscape, influence design decisions and drive execution? What are some common Product Metrics, what is A/B testing and why is it important for PMs to be data-driven? What do tech companies look for when they hire PMs? What are some good ways to prepare for PM interviews?

After this course, you will know everything you need to know to separate the fact from fiction about software product management and move forward as a software leader. Beyond the conceptual foundation and specific knowledge provided, the course also includes exercises, links and resources that will help you further your studies, help you with career decisions, and even to become a Product Manager yourself.

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