Livecode - One code to rule them all Course 100% Off

Livecode - One code to rule them all Course
As a matter of fact Livecode isn't only a programming language; it's a total situation that can be utilized to create applications for Mac OS, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android.

Its programming language contrasts from a considerable lot of the present programming languages since it's been intended to be fundamentally the same as human language. You presumably know the majority of its linguistic structure since it's relatively indistinguishable to the English language: why imagine and learn something new when we as of now have our own particular human and common language ?

This starting course will disclose how to download the free form (yes, it's free, except if you need to gather and bolt up your code !) and utilize it to make your first hi world stack.

After that you will make your own special clone of the flappy winged creature amusement in under the span of a footbal coordinate and convey it on Mac, Windows and iOS frameworks.

Udemy course :