Personal and Career Development Training Program - 18 modules - 50% Off

Career Development and Project Manager Courses - 18 modules

After participating in our GLLS Program, we promise that you will:

  • Discover and adopt 18 core and functional competencies required to become a top performer.
  • Learn about what really matters in the workplace.
  • Experience better performance as you apply new approaches and techniques in becoming more efficient in your everyday jobs.
  • Discover your unique strengths and adopt these into the workplace
  • Succeed with improved confidence to act with more clarity and focus.
  • Ascertain a new mind-set to grow learn lead and succeed, driving better performance for yourself, your team, and the organisation.
  • Transition from an individual to understanding what it really takes to become an top performer
  • Build strong relationships inside and outside the company

Course Modules :
  1. Self Awareness
  2. Empowering Others
  3. The Journey to Success
  4. Project Management
  5. Focus and Self-Discipline
  6. Risk Management
  7. Time Management
  8. Cost Management
  9. Change Management
  10. Fostering Great Relationships
  11. Leadership Values
  12. Problem Solving
  13. Understand Team Dynamics
  14. Design Thinking and Innovation
  15. Conflict Management
  16. Sales Abilities/Negotiations
  17. Leading High Performing Teams
  18. Your Future You

Learn by Doing
Every one of our modules are worked around stories, creative ability, and approaches to bring each range of abilities into your life and working environment at all times.

Increment your insight
Employment aptitudes and information will increment normally as you turn out to be more experienced in your part. Our robotized framework implies that it can support your abilities assist by finishing the whole course.

Accomplish your Goals
The base of all the inspiration in life originates from making objectives. Objective setting gives you the establishment to your plan. When you have a specific end point as a main priority you naturally avoid certain diversions and remain centered towards the objective. We enable you to accomplish your objectives faster.

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