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Build A Premium WordPress Theme - Create WordPress Themes

In this Premium WordPress Theme Development course, you will learn everything you will need to code premium a WordPress themes that are guaranteed to get accepted on marketplaces like ThemeForest.
  • Become a WordPress themes Developer and make money online by publishing your WP themes on Marketplaces.
  • Understand WordPress concepts in more depth and learn how things work behind the scenes.
  • Learn to create a secure theme that is guaranteed to pass ThemeForest's security review.
  • Learn how to make your theme translatable.
  • Advanced JavaScript workflows that will help you automate regular tasks like minifying CSS.
  • WordPress's actions and filters.
  • Make your themes modifiable by understanding child themes.
  • Add powerful options to your theme using the powerful WordPress Customizer API.
  • Make your theme compatible with the new WordPress editor 'Gutenberg'
  • Explore web accessibility and get some tips on how to make your theme more accessible.
  • Learn to create WordPress plugins that will supplement your theme.
  • Learn everything about WordPress functionalities like: sidebars, navigation menus, custom fields, shortcodes, post formats, custom post types, custom taxonomies, custom widgets and more.
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