5 Courses - Master AWS, Analytics, Machine Learning, Bigdata - Udemy Course 100% Off

5 Courses - Master AWS, Analytics, Machine Learning, Bigdata

AWS Analytics and Data Lakes, Amazon Athena - Interactive question benefit, Amazon CloudSearch - Managed look benefit, Amazon Elasticsearch Service, Amazon Kinesis - Data Streams, Amazon Redshift - Data warehousing

Amazon QuickSight - Business Analytics Intelligence Service, Amazon Data Pipeline - Automate information development, AWS Glue – Managed ETL Service

Enormous information presentation, history, advances, qualities and Applications

Information Lake, Data science and Data researcher

Hadoop presentation, HDFS-Overview, Hadoop Architecture, presumptions and objectives

Demo-Hadoop introduce - sw download check trustworthiness, Java ssh arrange, Hadoop access by program

Bigdata and AWS, Hadoop on Amazon Elastic Map Reduce - EMR, Amazon EMR, Amazon EMR Architecutre, TensorFlow - Open source Machine Learning system, Amazon SageMaker - TensorFlow Part 1 and 2, AWS Deep Learning AMIs, AWS Translate - Natual dialect interpretation, Amazon Polly - swing content to discourse, Apache MXNet - Deep learning structure

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