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Ace your IT job interview course

A step by step guide through the entire recruitment process for a software developer. The recruitment process is often long, tiring and can cause a lot of stress. And at the same time it is extremely important, because very often it is the only way to get your dream job and change your life for the better.

The goal of this IT job interview course is to guide you step by step through the entire recruitment process: starting from searching for a job, choosing an employer, preparing a professional resume and having a mock interview, through a phone or online coding interview, ending with a classic interview at the company of your choice.

In this IT job interview preparation course you will also learn how to negotiate your salary and what to expect during the trial period or the internship.

We will show you the differences between the various types of employment: a full time job, working as a contractor and self employment.

You will learn the advantages and disadvantages of remote work and the most optimal way of preparing yourself for a job interview.

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