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ClickHouse crash course

Has your information become excessively?

Do you need to hold up perpetually to find even basic solutions from your framework?

Would you simply like to investigate your information progressively while it's really pertinent and not 30 minutes after the fact when no one considerations any longer?

Do you need your dev group to take a shot at highlights and not on the framework?

At that point you've gone to the opportune spot. ClickHouse is another innovation that tends to the majority of the torment focuses above.

ClickHouse was intended to be, quick. Furthermore, it is.

Likewise, it's very unbending, and it bombs just in outrageous conditions.

Put simplicity of establishment and support on top, and you get almost perfect answer for most OLAP use cases.

How might I help?

Together we'll investigate fundamental usefulness of ClickHouse, and we will create devices and aptitudes to join and deal with this database in existing and future frameworks.

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