Master asynchronous programming with .Net - Udemy $10 Course 80% Off

asynchronous programming with .Net

Understand the Thread API, the evolution to TPL, the use of parallel programming and Thread safety

Have you ever had issues with a bug that resulted in an asynchronous programming wrong doing? Did your users report some unresponsive behavior of your application they did not want to deal with? Or does your boss want you to utilize the given hardware in the most efficient way possible?

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If you had any of those or similar issues with asynchronous programming, this course will help you solve those issues. In other words this course will help you to handle multi-threaded and concurrent scenarios in programming like you always wanted to.

Besides looking at the underlying mechanisms, we will look at all the different techniques to utilize our freshly crafted knowledge.

This course not only gives you the well rounded background to understand what is going on with all that concurrency, parallelism and multi threading, but also hands over all the needed tools to you, that you will need to excel in this regard

It includes:
TPL with Tasks and async await keywords
The actual Thread API
Thread Safety with Locking, Non-exclusive locking and Concurrent Collections
Everything about how concurrency works under the hood

In this asynchronous programming with .Net course you will also see examples to every of the above topics and this will guide you to become a master of asynchronous programming techniques with .Net.

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