The Complete Web Automation Developer Course Bundle Discount Coupon 98% OFF

Complete Web Automation Developer Course Bundle Discount

Course No. 1: Learn Python 3 From Scratch
Build System Securities & Connect Your Hardware Using Python
Duration: 10 hours
Lessons: 78

Course No. 2: Selenium WebDriver with Python 3.x: Novice to Ninja
Learn How to Implement an Automation Framework from Scratch Using a Real Web Application
Duration: 26 hours
Lessons: 196

Course No. 3: Selenium WebDriver with Java: Novice to Ninja + Interview
Get a Complete Overview of the Web Automation Testing Process with Real Examples
Duration: 32 hours
Lessons: 213

Course No. 4: Mac Linux Command Line Basics
Get Started with Terminal Commands on Your Mac & Linux Systems
Duration: 3 hours
Lessons: 27

Course No. 5: Rest API Automation with Rest-Assured: Novice to Ninja
This is an 11-Hour Course on Rest API Automation with Basic to Advanced Level Framework Implementation from Scratch
Duration: 11 hours
Lessons: 86

Course No. 6: TestNG Complete Bootcamp: Novice to Ninja
Speed Up Your Automation Goals with This TestNG A to Z Guide
Duration: 4 hours
Lessons: 36

Course No. 7: The Complete Step-By-Step Java for Testers
An A to Z Guide to Learning Java for Your Selenium WebDriver & Test Automation Needs
Duration: 6 hours
Lessons: 46

Course No. 8: JavaScript for Beginners: A Complete Guide
Learn the Web's Most Popular Front-End Coding Language & Start Advanced Wio Link Projects Today
Duration: 10 hours
Lessons: 57

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