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Hypnosis – Overcome Procrastination Using Self Hypnosis , Affirmations And Motivation Trigger

In this course titled ' Hypnosis – Overcome Procrastination Using Self Hypnosis.' By Pradeep Aggarwal , you will learn -

What is procrastination?
Why people procrastinate?
Top reasons why most of the people procrastinate
Using self hypnosis , affirmations , motivational trigger and relaxation techniques You will learn powerful techniques to overcome and get rid of your procrastination and become more active, alert , hardworking and achieve greater success in life.You will be able to identify what you procrastinate and work upon it to overcome the same.This course is in English and contains more than 30 minutes of video content , audio clip and positive affirmations handout designed over 11 lecturesThis course contains -
Lecture 1 :Introduction

Lecture 2 :Remove Myths About Self Hypnosis

Lecture 3 :Conscious Mind vs Subconscious Mind

Lecture 4 :How To Enter Into The State Of Self Hypnosis

Lecture 5 :How To Master Self Hypnosis To Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind

Lecture 6 :Identify What You Procrastinate

Lecture 7 :Create A Motivation Trigger

Lecture 8 :Practice Affirmations- Exercise

Lecture 9 :7 Affirmations To Overcome Procrastination

Lecture 10 :Audio File

Lecture 11 : Summary

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