Learn PHP: Unlock Your Potential via Examples and Mini Tasks - Udemy 100% Off

Learn PHP coding guided by the experience of a national award-winning teacher using real world examples that make sense!

This course introduces you to PHP through carefully crafted examples and fully worked mini tasks. LEARNING by DOING is what this course is all about. You will experience real world examples of PHP code use.

Have to seen other courses that use foo and bar or that jump steps and leave you thinking "why did that just happen"?

This course has been designed with the coding beginner in mind or those who may have picked up bad habits and wish to refresh their coding skills.

On hand to help and guide you is a renowned national award-winning teacher who has taught 1000s of students over a career of almost 30 years.

Highlights of this course include:

  1. Explanations of common terms used on the web
  2. Full code from every example and mini task shared with you online
  3. Demonstration of a shared coding environment (sign up for FREE)
  4. Full mini web-design project using HTML, CSS, PHP and jQuery
  5. A tutor who cares about his students
  6. Regular updates and new challenges

If you want to learn PHP and take your first steps into the world of web development then this course is for you.

Although some understanding of HTML and CSS would be useful, every line of code is explained in full detail to ensure that you can progress from absolute beginner to competent coder in a few weeks.

Launch yourself onto a new career path by taking this course now.

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