Learn To Invest In Index Funds and ETFs In 7 Easy Steps - Udemy Coupon

A comprehensive guide to investing in Index Funds and ETFs

Learn everything you need to invest in Index Funds and ETFs!

First learn stock market basics through simple examples to set the foundation.

Then follow the step by step guide to investing in ETFs and index funds to make your first investment and then follow it up with a re-investment scheme.

Learn how you can invest even if you have no savings at the moment.

No experience related to stock market or investing needed.

The first section will give the novice investor a look into the stock market. Learn the basics including :

  1. How a stock market serves corporations and investors
  2. How stock exchanges facilitate transactions
  3. Why the stock prices fluctuate all the time
  4. How to think like an investor and avoid risky speculative activities
  5. How to reduce risk through diversification

After laying the foundation, I will take you through the 7 steps of investing in ETFs and index funds. This is a practical guide and will give you the exact path to make your investment. Follow every step and you will be confident about making your investment and re-investing.

I reveal EVERYTHING I know through 4+ years of experience in investing, coaching and researching on the subject. I will continue to add extra content to the course at NO cost to you at all. You can ask any question and I will be happy to answer.

See you inside the course! Good Luck!

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