Face Detection -Master Open CV using C++ with Digital Image Processing

Face Detection - Digital Picture Processing & Open CV using C++. Best work for face detection & Open CV

To start with let me tell you what is Open CV & what are the things that they can do using OpenCV. (In the event you are not familiar with Open CV),

OpenCV is a open source C++ library for digital picture processing & computer vision, which can be used to generate actual time face recognisation & using it with embedded robotics & micro controllers for purpose like differentiating a specific color from an picture having various colors.

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Solution to all this they will cover in this work.

"Few years back, I started learning programming & spent couple of months to learn the basics. Then, for again a couple of months I spent my time learning advance of Open CV. Being in the same field for year, I decided to start my own project. But I keep on stuck at various steps of my project as lots of of ideas were not cleared. I was unable to create a simple application from the knowledge I gained. I was depressed & thinking to leave the programming.

Then day, I decided to give it more try. I wrote down all the parts of my programming knowledge where I had weak ideas. I started visiting forums & posting my questions to sharpen my skills & doubt clearance. & again tried to generate that project with fewer difficulties. I repeated the same method again & dig a lot.

Now I got success, I am a professional programmer in C++ & OpenCV & now working with companies."

What you need is someone to teach you step by step every algorithm of OpenCV & C++, ideas which are widely used in programming & algorithms that are universal to each program. So that you can go forward without googling all day & night.

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