Mac OS X Cleanup Suite - Clean It Up & Speed It Up with 6 Powerful Apps - $9.99 Only

It’s an unfortunate truth that even Mac PCs slow down over time. We can’t stop that entirely, but this Cleanup Suite will definitely help you to prevent the slow down process. With six apps designed to speed up your Mac, clear disk space, and clean up memory, your Mac will be back to optimal speed in no time.

  1. Delete unused apps & files w/ App Uninstaller
  2. Easily identify & delete the biggest files and folders w/ Disk Usage Analyzer
  3. Remove unnecessary files & renew caches and logs w/ System Cleaner
  4. Use the Advanced Duplicates Finder to easily find & delete duplicates
  5. Clean cached RAM memory & free up memory w/ the RAM Manager
  6. Scan hard disk volumes, CD & DVD disks, flash drives, external storage disks, mounted DMG volumes & folders w/ Disk Scanner’s FileVault Protection

Offer Includes:

  1. App Uninstaller
  2. Disk Analyzer
  3. System Cleaner
  4. Duplicate Finder
  5. RAM Manager
  6. Disk Scanner

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