Adobe Dreamweaver® CC - Make Your First Website From Scratch - udemy free coupon

Adobe Dreamweaver CC - Make Your First Website From Scratch - udemy coupon
Using HTML5 and CSS3, this course will cover all steps of designing a complete website from 'blank page' to 'uploading'.

Hi there & welcome to Adobe Dreamweaver CC - making your first net site from scratch. Like to thank you for taking a glance at my coursework. In this coursework I am going to walk you through every single step of making a complete net site.

Dreamweaver CC is an application provided by Adobe & is used by professional to generate & edit sites.

As I said from scratch! So they will start from a blank page. Then we'll add some text in the page & will learn how to personalize the text. After working with text, they will generate & stylize links. Then After positioning our content we'll learn the basics of HTML5 & CSS. & then we'll use the power of CSS to stylize our page. & working on CSS is much simpler in Adobe Dreamweaver CC because Dreamweaver gives you the full control on CSS with the new advanced layout of CSS designer panel. Then we'll learn how to make use of web fonts to stylize text. & then we'll learn the important part of a web-site designing & that is its responsiveness means the webpage ought to be flexible across different screen sizes. & then we'll generate the mobile version of our net site means our net site will have different layout on mobile devices.

Then we'll learn how to generate stylish menu bar & other pages for our net site as our net site is going to contain web pages. Then I'll show you how they can insert a widget in our net site by inserting an awesome gallery widget. A web-site cannot be complete without social media plug-ins, so we'll learn how to add twitter or Facebook widget as well as a YouTube video in our net site. Then we'll generate & stylize a form with which your visitors will be able to contact you. & finally we'll upload our net site to get this online & to access this from anywhere in the world. We'll be discussing all these topics & far more in this coursework.

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