AngularJS For .Net Developers From Scratch - Udemy Coupon $10

AngularJS For .Net Developers From Scratch - Udemy Coupon
Specially designed work for Asp.Net (MVC or Web APIs) developers who need to learn AngularJS

Question: Are you an Asp.Net (MVC or Web APIs) web developer & need to upgrade your profile with AngularJS?

Answer: You are at the right place!!

They know very well that you find lots of courses on AngularJS & lots of courses on Asp.Net. But the issue comes when you need to mix these technologies.

Yes! They need a work that teaches AngularJS for those developers who have been working on Asp.Net technologies (MVC or WebAPIs) & need to upgrade their profile with new client side web development javascript framework i.e., AngularJS.

So, this work is for an Asp.Net web developer & it is straight to the point with less theory & more real-time implementation scenarios.
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