Android and iOS Apps for Your Wordpress Blog - udemy coupon $10 course

Android and iOS Apps for Your Wordpress Blog - udemy course

Build a mobile app that interacts together with your Wordpress Weblog. Use HTML, CSS & JS to build you app for Android & iOS.

In this coursework, you will learn to unleash the power of most powerful frameworks, WordPress & Ionic. You will generate a WordPress Weblog & enable the RESTful JSON API on top of it. You will then generate an fabulous Ionic App that will interact together with your WordPress weblog to display information from your weblog to the user of your app. You will learn to generate fabulous UI for your mobile app & at the finish of it, you will have an app that will work both on Android & iOS.

What You will learn...

  1. Fundamentals of RESTful APIs
  2. Setup a WordPress Weblog & API
  3. Retrieving JSON from WordPress
  4. Generate Ionic App with AngularJS
  5. Generating Multiple States & Controllers
  6. Navigate within States
  7. Ionic Advanced Parts
  8. Save Information within Devices persistently.
  9. Generate the APK for Android

A whole module about Push Notifications is on its way. It will teach you the way you can send Notifications to all the users of your Ionic Application from your WordPress Weblog with click
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