Intellectual Property Security Awareness - udemy course

Intellectual Property Security Awareness - udemy course
How to Use Social Media without Infringing on Trademarks, Copyrights, Trade Secrets & Patents

You don't must be a bank robber to be convicted of stealing. Robbing somebody of their creative expression is a crime that can lead to million dollar fines & jail time.

Welcome to the world of intellectual property, where using somebody else's trademark, patent, copyright or trade secret can land you in court for counterfeiting, criminal copyright infringement & theft.

In this coursework, you'll learn what intellectual property is, so you can share it wisely, when it's OK to make use of protected works without the owners permission, how to choose whats safe to share, & whats dicy, who owns your Linkedin connections & Twitter account, why accessing somebody else's social media account -- even with their permission -- could be a crime & far, much more.

Before you or your coworkers accidentally infringe on the rights of a litigious intellectual property owner, get this action class right now & learn how to demonstrate respect for intellectual property on social media.

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