Master American English Pronunciation with Vowel Power - udemy course coupon

Master American English Pronunciation with Vowel Power - udemy course coupon
Learn to speak American English like a native speaker with this breakthrough method.

Nothing is more frustrating than not being understood! You know the words, you have studied the grammar, but people still cannot understand you. Why? Your vowel sounds. Vowel sounds are the breath & soul of a language, & in the event you don't get them right, you won't be understood. It is that simple.

But one time you master the American vowel sounds, your English will skyrocket! People will understand you more, your confidence will increase, & -- surprisingly -- you will also understand other people much better. Your ability to make the correct sounds will greatly improve your ability to listen to them when others speak.

This coursework is designed for intermediate & advanced learners of English, but an ambitious beginner will also greatly benefit & start on the right foot. Sound & meaning are integrated in a language, so it is important to get your pronunciation right. Let Vowel Power® show you how.

What you will learn:

  1. How to correctly pronounce the 11 American vowel sounds.
  2. How to identify & correctly pronounce dipthongs (two vowels together).
  3. How to identify the vowels Americans actually use--not what the spelling is!
  4. How to listen to & use the rhythm & pacing of American English.

The way you will learn:

Videos are text-based, which means you can read along, & then close your eyes to review & practice. This will quickly create your ear for the sounds & rhythm of American English.
Key lessons are repeated in different ways, helping you to learn quickly.
Go at your own pace. Pronunciation drills are used throughout the coursework, & you move forward quickly as you master each new lesson.

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