Getting Started with Google Analytics - udemy course

Getting Started with Google Analytics - udemy course
Learn how to interpret information & get insights from Google Analytics to increase Conversion Rates.

With the "Google Analytics Training: Getting Started with Google Analytics" I would like to help you start with Google Analytics & be able to get actionable insights from it.

You will learn how to start tracking conversion rates & what information you require to analyze in order to improve them.

This Google Analytics training coursework will help you master the basics & see what it takes to turbocharge your website performance.

Require more details? Here is what you will get:

Step by step instructions on how to start & implement Google Analytics
Crystal clear advice on what to do before getting started with Google Analytics
Details on how to interpret information from Google Analytics
The most important reports in Google Analytics & why they matter
Advice about how to translate raw information in to actionable insights

With each lesson you get, it is possible for you to to track your progress over time & find your way to become an Analysis Ninja.

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